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What is this site?

There are not many resources available for preparing students for Cambridge ESOL International Certificate of Financial English (ICFE) (I discussed what is available here). I’ve started this site to make my own materials available for other EFL teachers and students. I’m starting with long-turn speaking activities related to the finance topics mentioned in the ICFE handbook.


You have permission to use these materials free of charge, but they remain (C) Edward Evans


Materials are arranged according to the topics listed in the ICFE manual:

Financial Reporting
Company Financial Strategy
Risk Assessment and Analysis
Ethics and Professionalism
Accounting Software Packages
Assets and Company Valuations
Budgetary Processes
Corporate Governance
Cost and Management Accounting
Environmental and Sustainability
Mergers and Acquisitions
Taxation (non-jurisdiction specific)
Raising Capital
Investment Banking
Professional Practice
The Stock Market
Foreign Exchange and Currency
Debt-Recovery and Credit Policy
Bankruptcy and Insolvency
Forensic Accounting
Economic Conditions and Forecasts
Pricing and Purchasing

* * *
Other (generally useful for ICFE)
Trade with foreign companies (not on ICFE list)


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